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Suspension Geometry

Smart solutions for your suspension

When we consider the three basic wheel alignment terms of Camber, Toe and Caster, you'll probably know that these factors are vital in ensuring you experience equal tyre wear with your vehicle travelling in a straight line, along with impacting your safety, stability and driving pleasure.

As with any vehicle modifications, even the simplest suspension geometry alterations should be done carefully, which is exactly what we're here for at Hendy Performance - we'll check your Steering Axis Inclination (SAI), Thrust Angle, Anti-Geometry and Toe Steer and adjust them as necessary. If you have ever changed your suspension components its vital to get the geometry checked and adjusted.

We are excited to share our Hoffman wheel alignment centre with you, this top-of-the-range device allows us to assist you in taking the best care of your motor. Housing one of the lowest ramps available, we are pleased to be able to cater to everyone - no matter what your vehicle height is or the wheels that are fitted, we have got it covered.

To ensure your car receives the service it truly deserves, our gauges gently hang on the lips of your wheel, unlike others that rely on clamping onto the space around your tyres.

We take the best care of your car for the best price, take a look below:

Prices from

Front Toe £25 including VAT

Front and rear Toe £50 including VAT

Toe and Camber £65 including VAT

Toe, Camber and Caster £75 including VAT

At Hendy Performance, we offer smart solutions for your suspension's shortcomings - get in touch today to find out more about suspension geometry.

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