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What are Electric Vehicles?

About Electric Vehicles

From the early electric carriages to Tesla's first all-electric sports car, the concept of the all-electric vehicle has slowly evolved to become an environmentally friendly reality.

Extraordinary worldwide research has catapulted the electric vehicle into the 21st century with soaring interest. With outstanding potential to cut carbon emissions, affordable prices thanks to government funding and an ever-increasing number of models to choose from, it's not hard to figure out why it's set to become the most popular car choice for the modern population.


  • Government grants of up to £4,500

  • Servicing cost reduction of up to £1,200

  • Expensive petrol and diesel replaced by cheap overnight recharging

  • The most environmentally friendly option with zero tailpipe emissions

  • Avoidance of London congestion charges

  • Company car savings.


Owning an electric vehicle is certainly an attractive option, however, there is still a long road ahead before it can fully replace the efficiency of a combustion engine alternative.

  • Carrying roof racks and heavy loads will considerably reduce range
  • High initial purchase cost compared to petrol and diesel equivalents
  • High insurance and repair costs
  • Limited access to charging points can significantly affect journeys.


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