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Here At Hendy Group We Are Proud Of Our Forward-Thinking Outlook.

That's why we are delighted to be able to offer customers stepping into their first electric vehicles a bespoke package of benefits in collaboration with our partners Zoom EV.

The demand for electric vehicles is growing, but we understand there are still a lot of questions around the practicalities of owning an EV. By purchasing your EV, be it new or used through Hendy Group, not only will you receive the quality customer service you'd expect from us, but you will be given access to a whole host of offers and discounts to help make the transition as straightforward as possible.

Your EV Driver Benefits

Home Energy Tariffs

As part of our partnership with Zoom EV, you can get discounts on your home energy tariffs to help you on your journey to going completely green! Buy your EV through Hendy and get access to favourable tariffs with award-winning providers like OVO – find out more by speaking to a member of our team.

Smart Home Charging

Interested in an EV but concerned about how you’ll keep your vehicle charged once you’ve taken it home? You’ll get access to Zoom EV’s discounts on fantastic, reliable home-charging solutions. From installation to customer care, discover discounts with BP Pulse and EO to help eliminate any concerns!

Public Charge Points

Not sure where to charge your EV? Accessing public charge points has been made easy. Buy your EV at Hendy and you’ll be able to use some of the largest and fastest-growing rapid charge networks in the UK as part of your package, with discounts to help you save money.

Nationwide Parking

We know there’s plenty of questions about the infrastructure in place for EV owners. As part of your package, when you buy your electric vehicle at Hendy you’ll get discounted parking and charging at facilities nationwide with Q-Park – meaning range anxiety is a thing of the past AND you’ll be saving money!

Why Should I Buy My EV Through Hendy Group?

We aim for 100% customer satisfaction from the moment you walk into one of our dealerships. Our friendly sales teams are knowledgeable and will be able to assist with any questions you might have about electric vehicles - no matter which of our 19 brands you choose to purchase from.

Concerned about battery range? Want to better understand the infrastructure in place? Whatever you need, here at Hendy we can get you into your new EV with all the information required to make the most of the electric vehicle experience.

How Do I Access My EV Benefits?

We want to make your transition to driving electric as seamless as possible, so we've partnered with Zoom EV to connect you to the key services that you will need to run your EV easily and save you money.

Upon completion of your electric vehicle purchase, your sales executive will fill out a form to start the process of getting your Hendy Group EV Driver Benefits set up and issued to you by the Zoom EV team. 

What Does The Hendy Group EV Driver Benefits Package Include?

The benefits package will save you time and money by connecting you to the essential services you need to run your EV including home charging, public charging, home energy tariffs and public parking.

Your benefits can save you up to £1,000 in your first year of EV ownership with market leading discounts across BP Pulse, Osprey, EO Charging, OVO and more.

Are you thinking about making the switch to electric? All of our Hendy staff are happy to help either over the phone or via our online web chat, so why not make an appointment with one of our sales teams to begin your EV journey.

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