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All The Range: Everything You Need To Know About Driving An Electric Car

The buzz about electric vehicles has been growing steadily over the past decade however, the accelerated ban on petrol/diesel cars (now 2030) has put EVs centre stage. To help clear up any questions or myths about life in the electric lane, we've created this article series, covering issues such as charging, running costs and the various types of EVs out there.



And those common questions we hear often focus on what life behind the wheel of an electric vehicle is actually like. Are they enjoyable to drive? How do they handle? How does the accelerator help you brake? Will they give you the range you need? Let's dive in.



Punchy Performance

First things first - electric cars are extremely fun to drive. Their electric motors produce maximum torque at any rpm, making them super quick off the mark. What's more, because manufacturers have more flexibility in positioning the battery (compared to the petrol/diesel engines), EVs' handling is often brilliant, as the battery packs can often be found close to the floor.



The Sound of Silence

Apart from a low hum when accelerating and any noise from the tyres, electric vehicles are almost silent. This is because there's no gearbox, so the acceleration is completely seamless - no revving required.



Pedal Perfection

Because there's no gearbox, every EV is automatic. And it's true that you don't always need to use the brake pedal, as releasing pressure on the accelerator engages the regenerative brakes to slow the car (this also serves to top up the battery). When a quick stop is required, the 'traditional' brake pedal is still ready for action.



All The Range

One of the main anxieties about electric cars when they first arrived was their range, with fears over running out of juice in the middle of nowhere. But worry not - with the latest generation of electric vehicles, manufacturers have proven that going electric is without compromise. EV range has increased dramatically in recent years, meaning these models are ready to go the distance when you are!



Here are some ranges of the latest models you can find at Hendy, from SUVs to saloons and city cars:




Ford Mustang Mach-E - 379-mile range

Hyundai Ioniq 6 – 382 mile range

Skoda Enyaq – 333 mile range

Nissan Ariya - 329 mile range

Kia EV6 - 328 mile range

Hyundai Ioniq 5 - 315 mile range

CUPRA Born – 308 mile range

Hyundai Kona electric – 300 mile range

MG4 - 281 mile range

MG5 - 250 mile range




What's more, the UK's charging infrastructure has grown exponentially in recent years, meaning a public charge point will never be far away.



Join The Electric Revolution With Hendy

For more tips and helpful guides about electric/hybrid driving, check out our News page. From the types of vehicles available to information about charging, our series of articles will give you complete confidence when making the switch!



And click here to view the latest electric and hybrid models available at Hendy!