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Case Study - Switch To EV

Switching to an electric car has been a win-win decision for Dorset businessman David Norton.

The managing director of Telsonic in the UK has switched from a diesel Jaguar F Pace to an electric Jaguar I-PACE from Hendy and says he couldn't be happier.

David, a self-confessed car enthusiast, says that not only does he now drive an amazing car but is saving money too.

"This car has really exceeded my expectations," said David. "This is probably the best car I have ever driven, and thanks to the company car tax rules I'm saving hundreds of pounds a month."

His decision was based on a combination of factors and he's not disappointed.

"From a financial point of view it's brilliant for me and makes sense for my company. The car is exempt from company car benefit in kind charges, vehicle excise duty is zero, there is the first year allowance benefit and I can easily charge the car every day at work. Even servicing costs are low."

David says he has driven many different cars over the years driving hundreds of miles each week in his work and the I-PACE stands out for all the right reasons.

"I've had quite a range of cars in the past but I'm now enjoying the handling, style and the practicalities of the I-PACE," he said.

As the electric revolution really takes hold David says he's definitely become an ambassador for electric cars and has been keen to encourage friends and work colleagues to follow suit. "I'm happy to have gone electric and am really keen to encourage others to make the switch," he said.

David is among a rising number of motorists benefitting financially from an electric car and said from his experience business customers in particular can make huge savings by going electric and can also enjoy a brand new car.

"There is a perception that an electric car can be a costly decision but that is far from the case with the massive savings for both drivers and companies," he said.