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The Simple Guide To Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Electric cars look rather different from petrol and diesel vehicles under the bonnet, so this means they're serviced slightly differently. Here's everything you need to know.



MOT Test

Like all cars, electric models have to pass an annual MOT test after they're three years old, to ensure they're safe and roadworthy. The main difference is that there's no emissions test, which is a big potential point of failure for petrol/diesel vehicles. But the majority of the test is the same, meaning it's just as important to keep your EV in good condition to ensure that all-important pass.



Maintenance Costs

EVs need regular servicing according to the manufacturers' schedule, but there are fewer parts to fix, meaning their maintenance is generally cheaper than petrol/diesel models. For example, they don't have oil filters, a traditional clutch or gear box, clutch, exhaust, catalytic converter, or starter motor and more. Even the brake pads and discs receive much less wear and tear, because much of an EV's braking is achieved through regenerative braking. So, until the battery needs replacing, your biggest expenditure is likely to be new tyres.




Servicing an electric car requires special expertise and should be serviced by technicians who have been trained in high-voltage system service and repair. At Hendy we offer a comprehensive range of aftersales services for you and your EV, keeping it at its best throughout its lifespan. We also have a number of service plan options that enable you to budget for your service costs throughout the years ahead, while guaranteeing that your servicing costs won't rise. If you'd like to discuss the best plan for your needs, please get in touch.



Battery Life

As it stands, batteries tend to last for around 10 years; however, technology is always evolving, so we might see an increase in battery life over the next couple of years - especially with the upcoming petrol/diesel ban! Most EVs also come with generous battery warranties, usually covering eight years or 100,000 miles, along with a performance guarantee to a certain percentage of its original charge capacity.



Join The Electric Revolution With Hendy

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