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Hendy Maserati 3 Year Complimentary Service Terms and Conditions

1. . Maserati,  by  means  of  its  authorized  Service  Network,  undertakes  to provide the user a maximum of 3 (three) scheduled maintenance services, as outlined in the official Service Schedule described in the Maserati Owner's Manual  and  referred  to  as  "Maserati Premium  Service".  The  maintenance service intervals established are:

- every 15,000km (9,320 miles) or 20,000 Km (12,500 miles),  

- or every one or two years (depends on engine version), whichever comes first, subject to the limitations and exceptions specified below.

1.1  IMPORTANT:  Maserati's  obligations,  undertaken  by  undersigning  this agreement, shall be valid up to the services completion. 

2. This contract is legally valid if it is stipulated by and not later than the date of the  1st (first) maintenance service, as certified by the date stamped on the Warranty Book.

2.1 Maserati agrees to observe the aforementioned obligations on condition that  the  mileage  terms  or  time  periods  outlined  in  the  Maintenance Schedule are complied with. In  the  event  that  the  vehicle  mileage  or  time  terms  applicable  to  a maintenance  service  have  been  exceeded  without  having  the  service performed,  the  Contracting  Party  shall  only  be  entitled  to  have  the  next service due performed and shall lose any right to the previous service which was not enjoyed. 

3. Maserati's contractual performances may be enjoyed by the Contracting Party at any Authorised Maserati Dealer or  Repairer in the countries of the European Union and of the Helvetic Confederation, providing a copy of this contract and of the vehicle Warranty Book. 

4. The Authorised Maserati Dealer or Repairer that will perform the scheduled maintenance services shall act in the interest of Maserati, and the costs for the services provided in compliance with the Maintenance Schedule shall be borne by Maserati. Specifically, Maserati shall solely and exclusively bear the costs concerning the following operations:

4.1  parts  and  consumables  provided  for  in  the  regular  maintenance operations  recommended  in  the  official  Maserati  Maintenance  Schedule (operations  marked  with  letter  "R"  in  the  Owner's  Manual)  included  in  the MASERATI   PREMIUM   SERVICE   programme.   Any   replacement   shall   be decided  by  the  Authorised  Maserati  Dealers,  at  their  sole  discretion  and based on the actual need ad wear-and-tear condition of the component.

4.2  labour  required  to  perform  the  operations  mentioned  under  point  4.1 above;

4.3 labour required to perform the checks provided for in the official Maserati Maintenance  Schedule  (operations  marked  with  letter  "I"  in the  Maserati Owner's  Manual),  with  express  exclusion  of  the  costs  of  those  parts  that, based on the aforementioned checks, should need to be replaced. All  operations  and  costs  other  than  and  in  addition  to  those  mentioned under points  4.1, 4.2 and 4.3 above, required to repair the vehicle, shall be borne by the Contracting Party/Customer.

5.  In  any  event,  the  Maserati  contractual  services  shall  not  include  the following operations:

5.1 washing and cleaning of individual parts, be they mechanical parts or not;

5.2 refuelling and ADBLUE

5.3 tyre replacement and repair

5.4 painting operations

5.5   repairs   following   car   accidents,   various   incidents,   natural   events, weather events, acts of vandalism, wear and tear of the leather upholstery and trim panels in general in the passenger compartment, soft top.

6.  The  Contracting  Party  shall  loose  his/her  right  to  have  the  contractual services performed if:

6.1 the  vehicle  or  parts  of  it  have  been  used  for  purposes  other  than  their intended use, in particular for racing competitions;

6.2  the  vehicle  is  equipped  with  parts/components  that  are  not  Maserati genuine parts;

6.3 the vehicle has been tampered with and/or modified in order to alter its performance;

6.4 the vehicle has been road driven without some components;

6.5 The vehicle   tachometer, speedometer or other mileage recording/    measurement instruments have been tampered with 

6.6 the Contracting Party has not observed the instructions concerning the vehicle  use,  maintenance  and  service  found  in  the  Maserati  Owner's Manual.

7.  In  the  event  of  theft,  loss  of  ownership  and/or  total  destruction  of  the vehicle   before   expiry   of   this   proposal   validity   term,   the   agreements described and contained herein shall become automatically null and void, without notice of termination. Should any of these circumstances occur, the Contracting Party shall inform Maserati by means of the Maserati Dealer. If the  vehicle  has  been  stolen,  this  shall  be  confirmed by  documental evidence,  providing  a  copy  of  the  theft  report  filed  with  the  competent Police Authorities or other Security institutions; any loss of ownership or total destruction  of  the  vehicle  shall  be  confirmed  by  documental  evidence, providing the relative certificate from the Motor Vehicle Registry;

8. The contract and all of the contractual services may be transferred to third parties   on   condition   that   the   Maserati   vehicle   specified   above   is contextually  transferred;  Maserati  hereby  declares  to  accept  any  such transfer.

8.1 The contract shall be validly transferred only if written notes thereof are added to this agreement and undersigned by the transferor and transferee

9.   Any   dispute,   of   whatever   nature,   arising   in   connection   with   the construction and/or execution of this Contract shall be exclusively settled by the  Court  of Modena,  unless  the  Contract  has  been  stipulated  with  a consumer pursuant to art. 1469-bis C.C.I. (Italian Civil Code), in which event the Place of Jurisdiction shall be the consumer's place of residence.

10. Each individual scheduled maintenance service shall be recorded in the vehicle  Warranty  Book.  The  service  recorded  shall  be  undersigned  by  the vehicle owner and by the Maserati Dealer in witness thereof.

11.  For  the  purposes  of  applicable  privacy  legislation  (Italian  Leg.  Decree 196/03), the undersigned authorises the Dealer who receives this contractual proposal to use it and process the relative data exclusively for the purposes provided for by law and to send it to Maserati so that it may be entered in the    Maintenance    Service    customer    database.    Furthermore,     the undersigned authorises Maserati to process his/her data for internal uses and solely within the scope of database management. Maserati  uses  security  measures  for  data  processing,  in  compliance  with applicable legislation, aimed at preventing unauthorised user accesses.