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Tiff Needell's Experience with the Maserati Ghibli at Hendy Group

Tiff Needell's Experience with the Maserati Ghibli at Hendy Group
3 min read Published 2 Jan 24

Tiff Needell, the seasoned vehicle expert, was unveiling the charm of the Maserati Ghibli. Tiff talks about how he has found numerous benefits with the vehicle, admitting he is slowly falling in love with the sophisticated allure of the Ghibli. This article helps uncover Tiffs honest experience dealing with this luxury car brand.

"One of the best things about being a motoring journalist is that you get cars loaned to you for long term tests and, for the last forty years or so, I’ve been completely spoiled by generous manufacturers!

From quirky oddballs like a Saab 900 Turbo and Citroen XM to sporty BMWs and a Porsche 944 Turbo, I’ve had the neighbours’ curtains twitching to see what comes next and now, thanks to Hendy Maserati, it’s a Maserati Ghibli.

To be honest, I didn’t really know what to expect. Obviously, I’ve tested various Maseratis over the years and even driven the iconic 250F that Stirling Moss raced, and Juan Manuel Fangio drove to the 1957 World Championship but never really considered it as a regular road car?

But from the moment this elegant, dark blue, four door saloon rolled onto my drive I’ve been slowly falling more and more in love with it. It really is a strikingly good-looking machine, not flashy in any way and nicely understated.

Climbing in and being greeted by that wonderful scent of quality leather and a most comfortable seat with perfect driving position plus, of course, the famed Maserati clock in the centre – I always love a proper clock!

In many ways the styling hides the capacious room inside. The generous boot swallows golf clubs and bulky electric trolly while the rear seats suit all sizes. I’m cruising in style and fast becoming a Maserati man …

I don’t have the Trofeo version with the mad V8 under the long bonnet so no worries about waking up those neighbours as it is the mild hybrid GT model with a four cylinder turbo that gives me 330 horsepower - which I find more than enough for regular road driving and even allows my driving style to be rewarded with around 30 mpg!!

With Neptune’s trident dominating a front grill which must be one of the best looking of all marques and many compliments made about what a strikingly good looking car it is, this is one long term loan that I will be very sad to have to say goodbye to …"