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Motability Electric Vehicles

Since the UK Government announced a ban on all sales of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2030, many people are turning to electric vehicles. There are many benefits to driving electric, yet many drivers remain wary of making this change. Hendy are here to help make this transition as simple and straightforward as possible.

Why choose an electric vehicle?

Great automatic offering

Many electric cars have automatic gearboxes – perfect for those who can only drive an automatic car.

Long electric ranges

Electric cars have a variety of battery ranges, from 100 to 300 miles. To give you an idea of the distance you can realistically travel, it’s 100 miles from London to Birmingham.

Environmental benefits

Electric cars have zero carbon emissions, which means there’s a huge reduction in the CO2 produced, plus cleaner air quality.

Can I afford an electric vehicle?

Cheaper running costs

Driving an electric car can save you money on fuel costs, road tax and low-emissions zones – costing, overall, up to half of the price per mile than petrol and diesel cars.

Charging support

The installation of your home chargepoint will be arranged by us, and we’ll cover the cost too. Alternatively, we’ll arrange for you to have access to the bp pulse network of over 9,000 public chargepoints.

Affordable options

Purchasing an electric car with the Motability Scheme is more affordable than buying or leasing elsewhere.

Get a free home chargepoint when leasing your first electric vehicle on Motability

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