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Hendy EV enlists environmental expert Philippa Forrester for customer education project

Hendy EV enlists environmental expert Philippa Forrester for customer education project
2 min read Published 22 Feb 22

Environmentalist, TV presenter and author Philippa Forrester has joined forces with automotive giant Hendy Group and its Hendy EV brand to help guide customers towards an electric future on the road.


The company’s dedicated electric vehicle website - Hendy EV - has been set up to provide a comprehensive education, sales and aftersales service to customers switching to electric power and the company says it is committed to being an industry leader.


Hendy’s chief executive Paul Hendy said the move to electric power continues to gather pace and says Hendy wants to ensure that customers are fully informed on every step of their journey.


“We know that customers are switching from petrol and diesel cars and are keen for a more environmental way to drive so we have launched Hendy EV but there are still misconceptions about the transition so Philippa will be helping us with a range of informative videos and chronicling her real-life experience of driving an electric car,” said Paul.


“We have a network of more than 65 showrooms across the south coast with most already offering or planning brand new electric vehicles and we are also starting to see the supply of secondhand models becoming available so now is the perfect time to launch our project with Philippa.”


As a presenter Philippa is well known for her television work on Tomorrow’s World, Robot Wars and My Halcyon River and she has a degree in ecology and conservation.


Philippa said it was vital to that companies like Hendy Group really tackle the issue of educating everyone as we transition to electric power.


“Switching to electric is very different to swapping between petrol and diesel cars but that doesn’t mean it is difficult,” said Philippa.


“I started my electric journey last year and, in my research, came across Hendy EV  and I was so impressed with how seriously it is taking the switch, the choices it offers and the expertise within the group,” she said.


“The interest in my YouTube channel detailing my EV journey proves there is real demand for knowledge and it’s great to now be delivering videos with Hendy EV too.”