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Hendy Group welcomes decision to retain MOT status quo

Hendy Group welcomes decision to retain MOT status quo
Published 26 Jan 24

A consultation into MOT regulations for new cars will see the current three-year rule maintained – a move welcomed by Hendy Group with group service and bodyshop director Pete Walker saying common sense has prevailed.

The government had consulted on changing the first MOT to four years but following a year long study, it has agreed to maintain the status quo.

In addition to maintaining the first MOT at the three-year mark, cars will continue to require an MOT every subsequent year.

Roads Minister, Guy Opperman, said the government had listened to drivers and industry.  “Keeping MOTs in their current form shows once again that we are on the side of motorists.”

Hendy Group carries out more than 60,000 MOTs on cars each year and had lobbied for the government to retain the current rules.

“We think that any lengthening of the timeframe would have compromised safety and that should always be the priority,” said Pete.

“We also believe that it will save motorists money in the long term as issues can be detected and remedied earlier, before causing any further damage to vehicles and larger repair bills.”

Figures from the AA suggest that one in 10 cars fails its first MOT, a statistic Pete said supported the argument for cars to be seen by qualified technicians when they are three years old.