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Hendy Maserati Hosts Exclusive Afternoon Tea and Test Drive Event

Hendy Maserati Hosts Exclusive Afternoon Tea and Test Drive Event
2 min read Published 31 Jul 23

Hendy Maserati, a leading dealer of luxury vehicles, pulled off a highly successful event at the prestigious Lainston House, a 5-star luxury hotel in Hampshire. The weather was perfect, the setting idyllic, as guests were invited to afternoon tea and an exclusive test drive of the all-new Maserati Grecale and Maserati Levante.

Under the perfect blue skies, Maserati enthusiasts and potential clients took delight in discovering the finer points of the new models. Showcasing the pinnacle of Italian design and performance, these cars truly lived up to their hype. Each test drive presented a unique opportunity to feel the raw power, and witness the stunning aesthetics of the Maserati brand.

"As a dealership, we believe that the experience of owning a Maserati begins at the test drive," said Chris Amey, Hendy Maserati Brand Manager. "This event was not just about showcasing two powerful vehicles but also about immersing our guests in the luxury lifestyle that accompanies the Maserati brand."

The event was set against the backdrop of Lainston House, a 17th-century country house hotel situated within a beautiful 63-acre parkland. Its charm added to the exclusive and elegant nature of the day's gathering. The exceptional afternoon tea service, traditionally British with a touch of Italian flair, offered the perfect complement to the Italian powerhouse vehicles, adding to the sophistication of the event.