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Introducing the Lotus Type 66: A limited-edition masterpiece

Introducing the Lotus Type 66: A limited-edition masterpiece
Published 18 Oct 23

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For decades, Lotus has been synonymous with automotive excellence, consistently pushing the boundaries of engineering and design. Now, in a move that has captivated enthusiasts worldwide, the legendary marque unveils its latest jewel: the highly exclusive Lotus Type 66. Bringing history back to life, this limited-edition masterpiece not only embodies the pinnacle of luxury and performance but also pays homage to Lotus’s storied heritage.

Simon Lane, Executive Director, Lotus Advanced Performance, said: “The Type 66 perfectly blends the past and present. It takes drivers back in time, to the iconic design, sound and pure theatre of motorsport more than 50 years ago, with added 21st century performance and safety. This is a truly unique project and in our 75th anniversary year it’s the perfect gift from Lotus, to fans worldwide and to a handful of customers.”

Since its inception, Lotus has been at the forefront of innovation, renowned for its track-bred machines that effortlessly blur the line between art and engineering. The Type 66, a testament to this rich legacy, represents a culmination of decades of engineering prowess and a deep-seated passion for innovation.

Over 1,000 hours of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) work have culminated in a masterful design that generates over 800kg of downforce at 150mph in the Type 66, significantly surpassing the capabilities of the original underbody configuration. This achievement not only elevates driver safety but also enhances vehicle performance, resulting in faster lap times.

Central to the Type 66’s impressive performance is a V8 push-rod engine, meticulously tuned by Lotus to unleash over 830bhp at an impressive 8,800rpm.* Precision-crafted modern components, including a forged crank, rod and pistons, deliver a staggering torque of more than 746Nm at 7,400rpm.* Meanwhile, the iconic Can-Am-inspired air intake ‘trumpets’ command attention, optimise air intake and seamlessly deliver power and superior driveability.

In order to empower drivers to unlock maximum performance on the track, the Type 66 features a suite of modern features. These include an EPASS motorsport power steering column, a race ABS braking system, a sequential racing gearbox with reverse, an anti-stall multi-plate clutch and a fixed rollover bar.

With its seamless blend of cutting-edge technology, exquisite craftsmanship and the promise of an unrivalled driving experience, the Lotus Type 66 is poised to become an icon in the world of performance cars.

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*Target performance data.