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Lord Ian Botham reviews the Maserati Grecale Trofeo

Lord Ian Botham reviews the Maserati Grecale Trofeo
3 min read Published 13 Jun 24

This is the third Maserati from Hendy Group I’ve been fortunate to drive and having been a relative newcomer to the brand I’m a convert – these cars are really special.

The SUV is a top of the range model with a powerful 530 hp V6 engine and I when it comes to performance it’s very quick.

The four-wheel drive is particularly useful for life in the country and the automatic gearbox shifts effortlessly and means smooth acceleration and deceleration. The engine note is distinctive in a good way and there’s no doubt that his particular model is great for those looking for high performance.

But this car is also really practical in everyday driving whether that’s a long-distance drive or just local trips, the car is ideal and provides everything we need.

I tend to drive around the country quite a lot and with the cricket season now underway I’m looking forward to enjoying plenty of time with the Grecale.

There is lots of space for luggage too – it’s perfect for a few suitcases and the golf clubs.

It’s also good value for money, it’s easy to park, I’ve been impressed with the fuel economy and it’s a pleasure to drive. My wife Kath is also a big fan of the car and she’s equally keen to get behind the wheel.

While I love all the practical features the thing that really makes this car stand out is the attention to detail with the wonderful Italian design and the precise and luxurious finish on everything, inside and out of the car.

For me it’s the minor things that really stand out and demonstrate this flair – I love the detailing on the grille for example and the whole interior is really luxurious and comfortable.

The car is also packed with lots of technology – I’m not the best when it comes to using all the features on board, but I certainly enjoy things such as the amazing 3D sound and there’s an incredible 21 speakers!

There’s a large screen with a range of information available just by touching the screen and while I might not be an expert on all of the innovations and technology in the car I certainly enjoy the benefits of the safety features, the incredible engine and the multi-media system which younger members of the family are more familiar with using.

Overall it’s fair to say that this car has made a real impact on me and I look forward to many more happy miles behind the wheel of this Maserati.