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MG Cyberster makes its world debut in London

MG Cyberster makes its world debut in London
1 min read Published 16 May 23

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A pre-production design model of MG’s dramatic new sports car, the Cyberster, has made a first appearance ahead of the official launch in 2024.

It was unveiled by MG’s advanced design director Carl Gotham who said the Cyberster will offer MG customers a striking, all-electric roadster which will be as exciting as MG sports cars of the past.

And to give potential customers further insight into the new car, MG has released a new film focusing on the design story. Presented by Carl, it reveals how his team has created a sports car that is set to be the first all-electric roadster on the market.

The Cyberster’s stand-out styling draws inspiration from MGs heritage, with signature design highlights including a distinctive long bonnet, low nose and curvaceous surfaces. The Cyberster will also introduce some striking new features, including scissor doors and a Kammback rear design.

The two-seater Cyberster marks a keenly anticipated return to sports car production by the MG marque, with the car bringing the story right up to date with a high performance all-electric powertrain and modern cabin featuring an array of advanced driver technology.