Business Finance

The following finance options are offered by Hendy SEAT when purchasing vehicles for a business.


Contract Hire is designed for businesses requiring fixed monthly rentals with no risk of depreciation or disposal worries. You can include a wide range of additional options, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. We recover VAT on the vehicle, resulting in lower rentals for Hendy Business customers.

Many businesses find that regular fixed monthly rentals help with budgeting, cash flow and forecasting, leaving your capital free for other purposes. Fleet management services can be offered, which can reduce your administration time and costs.

Features and Benefits:

Personal Contract Hire

Personal Contract Hire is a long-term rental agreement for private and business customers. In this instance, you pay regular monthly payments for the duration of the agreement and hand the car back at the end without having to worry about the associated expenses of owning a car, its future value or the hassle of eventually selling it when you're ready for a newer model. The duration of the agreement and the mileage can be flexible, so do ask for more details.

At Hendy SEAT, many of our customers find that regular fixed monthly rentals help with personal budgeting.

Finance Lease

Finance Lease is an excellent option if you want fixed monthly rentals, and you do not need to own the vehicle.

With a Finance Lease, you pay fixed monthly rentals. At the end of the lease, the sales proceeds are repaid to you as a rebate of rentals. We can help you to reduce your monthly rentals by agreeing an anticipated future value on the vehicle (known as balloon rental).

Features and Benefits:

Lease Purchase

This is a popular method of funding for many of our customers. It is designed to provide fixed-term funding and you own the vehicle at the end.

You decide the initial lump sum deposit and the repayment period. You then pay monthly payments for the life of the agreement. Assuming all outstanding payments have been made, you own the vehicle at the end of the agreement.

Features and Benefits:

Outright Purchase

If you purchase a vehicle outright, this means you're doing so without a leasing agreement and with one payment - and this is the simplest way to purchase a vehicle or fleet of vehicles. The cash price of the vehicle(s) is paid in full at the point of purchase, which saves you money on paying interest on monthly payments, as there are none!

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