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How to check your vehicle’s fluid levels

Do you leave your fluid level checks to be carried out at your annual car service? You’re not the only one. However, we should be carrying out many more checks on our fluid levels in the intermediate period.

At Hendy, we know the importance of diligent fluid level checks, and we’re here to guide you through the process of how to check your fluid levels, what fluids to use and how to top them up, so you can set off fully prepared for your journey.

In the video below, one of our master technicians at Hendy Eastleigh, Chris, shows where and how to perform fluid level checks on your car – helping you to be confident when getting your car road ready.

Watch the video now to see Chris’ demonstration of carrying out fluid level checks – and read the information below about the importance of regularly monitoring your vehicle fluid levels.

As easy as it is to keep putting off this task, just a couple of minutes every now and then to perform these all-important checks that can be the difference between your car running smoothly and an unwanted breakdown.

Before you get started, make sure that your car is parked on level ground so that you don’t get any unreliable readings as a result of a strange angle! Also, remember not to overfill your fluid levels! This can be just as harmful to your car as letting fluid run low.

1. Oil level

Engine oil serves many purposes in the efficient running of your vehicle. It’s essential for making sure that moving parts in the car are well lubricated- not enough oil can lead to major engine damage, so it’s incredibly important to perform regular checks.

Just as Chris said in the video above, make sure that your car engine has been switched off for at least 10 minutes before checking your engine oil levels. Boiling hot engine oil can cause nasty burns!

Chris also stated that engine oil comes in various grades, viscosity and thicknesses so check your owner’s manual to see which engine oil you require before topping up. Or visit your local Hendy Service dealership for further assistance.

2. Windscreen wash

In the video, Chris shows you how to identify your windscreen wash with the blue lid and windscreen wash logo but remember that other car makes and manufacturers will have it with a yellow lid!

As Chris mentioned, it’s advisable to use a screen wash additive alongside clean water as they contain extra cleaning properties to keep your windscreen clear in any weather conditions.

Cars pick up all manner of dirt and grime while on the go and driving with impaired visibility is extremely dangerous, don’t get caught out with no washer fluid when it can be topped up so quickly and easily from home.

3. Coolant levels

Our Hendy master technician, Chris, shows you where to locate your engine coolant and explains its vital function in keeping your engine cool to prevent overheating.

Engine coolant is also known as antifreeze and prevents engines from freezing in colder winter months and raises the boiling point of coolant in the hotter summer months. What’s more, it also protects your car against rust and corrosion!

Again, remember to have the engine turned off for at least 10 minutes before raising the hood to check your engine coolant levels.

In the video, Chris emphasised the different properties of different types of anti-freeze, that some are better suited to petrol and diesel cars, whereas others are suitable for EV cars, so make sure you check your car manual for the best coolant to use beforehand!


Are these frequent checks really necessary?

The short answer to this question is – yes!

It’s important to note that overfilling on your vehicle fluids can be just as damaging as leaving levels to go low, so take care to pay close attention to the minimum and maximum lines on these functions!

It’s especially advisable to check your vehicle fluid levels before going on a long journey to prevent risking your safety and your car’s health.


Contact Hendy today

Safety is the top priority at Hendy. By putting a small amount of time aside to carry out these checks you’ll be ensuring that your car continues to run efficiently and safely. Is your car due a check?

If you need any further assistance or have any questions, our friendly team is always on hand to help. If you’re concerned about the frequency in which you’re needing to top up, please get in contact with your local Hendy service centre here, today! Our expert technicians are on hand to carry out any repairs and recommend the best fluid to be using for your make of car.

Drive worry-free and safely. That’s Hendy!