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Electric vehicles for residents – which grants benefit you the most?

It’s not just large-scale electric vehicle (EV) grants that are available; individuals can also take out grants to give you a boost on your EV journey! In this blog, we’ll explain the residential EV grants that are on offer and inform you of the best option for you as you look into securing the best financial deals alongside your electric vehicle.

The electric vehicle charge point grant:

People who live in rental accommodation or own a flat can have £350 taken off the price of a home charger. One charge point is allocated per eligible vehicle and off-street parking is required. This grant can’t be claimed if you have previously claimed on any other EV charge point grant.

Infrastructure grant for residential car parks

This grant is available to anyone renting, leasing or managing a multiple-tenant residential property.

The charging infrastructure must cover a minimum of five parking spaces with at least one active charger installed – the rest can have passive infrastructure (cabling for a charge point but without the charge point)

As part of this grant, you can claim up to £30,000 or 75% off installation costs, up to £500 per passive parking space and up to £350 per active parking space. You can only claim one grant per building. Up to 30 grants can be claimed per financial year and used on the same site as the landlord grant.

EV charge point grant for landlords

This grant is available for any person who leases, rents or manages a commercial or residential property. EV charger installations can be reduced by 75% or up to £350 off each charger. Only one application is allowed per building and there can’t be a mix of residential and commercial properties in the application. Up to 200 grants are allowed per financial for residential properties and up to 100 grants are allowed per financial year for commercial properties; no tenants can be living in the commercial property.

Driving habits extend far beyond just driving on the roads, and the benefits of owning an EV are endless! If your living situation falls into any of these categories, then here at Hendy, we highly recommend looking into these grants to put a skip in your step and your motoring lifestyle.

Information is subject to change at any time. Hendy cannot be held accountable for any declined applications.